First. Let me apologize. The name of the book is The Taste of War:World War II And The Battle For Food.

Next. Guy McPherson. I must tell you that he is a very nice man. He did a great job with his presentation and stayed at the house much later than we had any right to keep him discussing the future, choices and possibilities. We were joined by a bunch of 20 something wwoofers from the dairy farm up the road so we had an age perspective that made the conversation pretty interesting. Guy sugar-coated nothing. We’re in trouble.

I recognize that I’m preaching to the converted here so I’m not going to beat any dead ecological horses. The “whys?” are well-established. The “what next?” is a work in progress. The truth is that what to do next is determined so many variables. Where do live and who do you live with? What are your financial resources and what are your obligations? What are your skills and what are your liabilities? Is your family on-board or are you a lone voice, crying in the wilderness? I can only answer for myself and in the next few weeks I’ll try to speak to what changes I’ll be making.

The first change is my health. I’m actually in pretty good shape but, like lots of post-menopausal women, I have put on a couple of extra pounds. Bruce and I returned to our daily 2 mile walk-around-the-block on the day Guy arrived. We had gotten lazy about it and we just can’t afford to slack off. Old age creeps up on everybody but I plan to stave off the infirmity as long as possible. That means staying the heck out of the Easter candy and paying better attention to my exercise. I am a big fan of Peeps.

Next up is the state of my house. I’m pretty neat by nature but I have let some of the clutter get out of control. I have big boxes and bags ready to head to landfill or thrift store. I think it matters that one has a home that functions well. The great spring purge will continue.

Waste is number three. I may be better than many but I have a long way to go. I believe it will help to get back in the habit of menu planning.

These are all personal goals rather than Barefoot Farm goals. Guy did speak to preparing in three ways. First, secure a source of water that is not dependent on electricity. He doesn’t mean storing water which is a short term solution only. Next he says to secure your food supple. Just as with water, this isn’t about stockpiling but about knowing your food shed and working with it. Then he addresses body temperature control. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. How will you manage? The final thing he discusses is community. He emphasises the need for healthy community relations. I feel that his priority list is a good one but personal wellness needs to be the final leg of the table.

Bruce and I spent some time last night talking about the farm and what we need to do. I know I’ll be doing a lot more research on planting for a different climate, one than may be warmer and drier than my current climate. I have ordered sassafras trees and I think I may put in some cherries. Generally, we can only grow sour cherries here but I think sweet ones may be possible in the not-to-distant future. In case you were wondering. This is not good news.