I found myself with a load of milk yesterday. I had my own plus that of a friend who had been out of town and had given me her CSA share. Today is pick-up day again and I had no room left in the refrigerator. I needed more mozzarella so I began with that. As long as I had fresh mozzarella id decided to make some sourdough pizza. It’s such an easy recipe and I think of sourdough starter as a must-have in every prepared kitchen. All it takes is a 1/2 cups of starter, a teaspoon of salt and enough flour to make a kneadable dough. I don’t knead long, maybe 4-5 minutes. That went into the microwave to rise. There’s a light over the stove that keeps the temperature of the microwave just right for rising bread. Next up was yogurt. Again, easy, easy. Heat the milk to 160 (a little steam will be rising from the top but don’t let it get away from you.)Add a couple of tablespoons of starter and let is set for several hours. I used the microwave space for that too as the light is on anyway. For dinner I preheated the oven and the pizza stone to 400 degrees while I fried up some peppers, onions and spinach in a bit of olive oil. I give the crust about 7 minutes in the oven before I top it. Some olive oil brushed across the top with keep the crust from getting soggy. Now just put the pizza together with canned tomatoes and herbs chopped very fine and topped with veges and cheeses and in another 7 minutes, dinner is served. It was terrific. Even Phoebe didn’t complain about the onions.

This sounds like a lot of work but the hands-on time is really not that long. The food, with exception of the olive oil and the wheat was from less than a mile away and the food was healthy and fabulous. There are worse ways to spend my time. The folks who own the raw milk dairy are putting in wheat patch this year with the goal of adding a grain CSA to the village. I’ll be their first and best customer. Now if we could just grow olives. I should be careful what I wish for. The climate models looks as though that might be possible in my children’s lifetime and it will cost us the maples.

It’s time for me to get serious about water. I have never purchased a good water filter as water is so easy to access around here. Or is it? How do I feel about hauling buckets from the river? How do I feel about in January? I am exploring water catchment systems. It’s either a good catchment system or finding and re-opening our well. that’s an intensive and expensive project. Barrels are easier. Of course, having rain would be necessary and that’s in short supply just now.

The earthquakes have been crazy the past few days. Lot of quakes both large and small. It is disconcerting. If you live on one of the big fault lines please take this seriously. I know. I’m preaching to the converted again.