I got up early, slipped on my jeans and a ratty sweatshirt and headed to the yard. It’s a spectacular morning, crisp and cold with brilliant sun against cerulean blue skies. It was a wonderful thing to see that the frost last night left the peach blossoms and emerging asparagus unscathed. The potatoes are scarring up in the greenhouse in preparation for tomorrow’s planting. The spring greens are a treat after a winter of mostly root crops. Garlic is growing well and the walking onions are sharing the bed with the potato onions I planted last fall. The bed they’re in will be devoted to these onions. I have never had any luck with raising onions from seed. Should the worst happen and I find myself without onion sets I can at least be assured the these onions will provide for some of our needs.

I love the view in back yard. I can see my neighbor’s preparations for the coming summer. Bruce finished up the bee enclosure and I think it’s a thing of beauty. Just in time too as the bees are coming next weekend. There’s a bee meeting tonight and I might go in Bruce’s place as the presentation is on making salves and lotions from bees wax. That’s something I need to know more about.

We have had some bad news. The place we usually get piglets from won’t have any for us for two more months. I’ll spend the morning on the phones sourcing some we can afford. I would love to get some of the heritage piglets from the farmer up the road but $125.00 for them is just out of reach.

Anyway. Here are the pictures I took this morning. Check back tomorrow as I’m posting a video on planting potatoes that I think is a good one.