Maybe some of you can help me here. I’m heading off to Jenna Woginrich’s Cold Antler Farm on Saturday for a shared presentation with James Howard Kunstler. He’s doing the why’s of preaparedness and I’m doing the how’s. It’s always a challenge to figure out just what folks will find helpful. I don’t these people. I can assume that if they’re Cold Antler fans that they already have some leanings toward a small farm life. Maybe they’re already raising a few chickens and have a yard devoted to food growing. If not, you can be sure they’re farm dreaming.

The problem I have is figuring out what’s tiny farm talk and what’s preparedness talk. I know I used to talk more about disaster prepping. As the ecologlical news, the financial news and the political news has beocome more worrisom by the day, my personal prepping is much less about protecting my family during a power outage and much more about figuring out how we’re going to stay warm and fed  during what I thing are very stormy seas ahead. The pigs are going to be eating some of the canned food I bought six years ago when I stil thought I could store my way to food security. Ah well. Live and learn.

I would love to hear from you on this. Especially the lurkers here. What’s going on with your preps? Are you here for the garden talk or for the prepping tips? Are you worried about the long-term furture or are you concerned about another Irene hitting this summer?

Here’s where I am. Yesterday, I began to get the main garden in. I planted as I usually do but I made sure to isolate some plants and seeds that are my favorit heirloom varieties. We are setting aside special beds for plants that I can save seed from. It isn’t that much work to add a marker with variety name. The change was made so that I can easily save my seed and ensure a garden in the absense of purchased and packaged seeds. I’ll still plant the occasional purchased plants but I’m keeping some of the heirlooms isolated.

So let me know what’s up. I want this to be a great workshop and your input will help a lot.