I would like to thank all of you responded to my request for direction. I got great feedback and have put together a workshop that I think many will find helpful. It’s a bit ironic that, as I was working on this, I listened to a news broadcast by the PM of Greece saying that although a whole lot of people are pulling money out of Greek banks in anticipation of a disorderly default that it was not yet time to panic.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

The strawberries are loaded with blossoms. Unfortunately, they’re also loaded with dandelions and other assorted weeds. So much so that I decided to ignore the rain and weed anyway. As long as I was wet I kept on going and got the rest of the beans planted. They look a little odd. Whenever anybody has a picnic I raid the trash and bring home every plastic cup I can get my hands on. With the bottoms cut off they keep the worst of the cut worms at bay. I detest those little buggers. I can’t tell you how often I have to replant to get a crop of beans. It looks like I’ve planting some mutant vegetable. Let’s hope it works.

I had enough asparagus to get a load in the Excalibur too. As long as it was going I chopped up the last of celery and carrots from a vege platter my daughter-in-law brought over on Sunday. It feels good to be putting in rather than taking out of my food storage. The freezer is looking mighty empty and all that’s left in the canned food pantry are the things that no one really likes. The pigs will probably feast on those. I have maybe 10 pounds of potatoes left. They are sad and sorry looking things but even with the eyes starting to sprout, we are eating them. I did see the first little potato sprout in the garden today. Our turkeys were delivered this afternoon. At least I can anticipate a full pantry again.

I had my permaculture meeting last night. The talk was mainly about herbs. I left my good friend and herbalist neighbor, Sara, with a list of things I would dearly love to add the herb garden. I’ll swap for some eggs or strawberries and come out with better end of the deal. I got an address for buying sweet potatoes too. I want to order tomorrow. I’ll be putting them in the smaller greenhouse and hoping for enough heat to get a crop. I love sweet potatoes and they are so good for you that it’s something I want to master if I can.

I have to work in Greenfield in the morning. I’m delighted because it gives me an opportunity to visit the Greenfield Farmer’s Co-op. I always find neat things there. They have a great kitchen section and lots of herbs.

Jenna is great about posting pictures and videos when she host gatherings so you’ll be able to watch at least parts of the weekend’s presentation. I think you’ll be pleased. I’ll be sure to give you all a shout out.