My friend, Mike Folkerth, the man who wrote The Biggest Lie Ever Believed, just sent me a picture of his turkeys and said they have a face only a mother could love. Wrong Mike! I think turkeys are beautiful. Not the turkeys that run the banking system but the other kind. The kind that will feed my family this year. I posted a picture of our new turkeys. I also added a picture of the calves whose mamma provides our family with milk. Then there’s the Creamery. I write about it so much but I never put up a picture before. And what would this album be without a picture of Taproot Commons Farmstand. I pick up our milk here and we sell our honey and jams and such here too.

A lot of what we do and where we live has beauty in our eyes only. I can see people looking at us covered with mud ( a pig escaped a few nights ago and I had to scrape the mud off my clothes before I could put them in the wash) and thinking we live a messy, smelly life. We do. But the beauty is there in the mud and the muck. It’s real and it keeps my loved ones fed and sheltered. Taproot isn’t a supermarket. The poultry lives in make-shift pens in a drafty old barn. My food eats and poops and makes a lot of noise sometimes. Pretty is a pretty does and my life does pretty well.