I think this is it. Every spot of bare land has a seed or a tuber or a seedling tucked in and growing, thanks to the miracle of rain and sun. Other than a few bean seed that didn’t germinate and will need to be replaced, we’re finished. I guess that means I have to clean my messy house today. Not that it needs it. Sigh.

We have a lovely cranberry bush in the front yard. Every year it blooms beautifully but it never preoduces fruit. I just realized that I need a second bush for fertilization. Dang. I guess that means I need to find another bush and come up with a place to put it. A little research would have been a good thing. Sigh.

I stayed inside making a pie yesterday and found that Bruce had tilled up a spot in the lower garder for more potatoes. I hauled up a big old bag of seed potatoes from the basement, carried them to the garden and spend 45 minutes on my hands and knees getting them planted only to find that Bruce had already planted potatoes there. Sigh.

It’s a sigh kind of day. I’m overwhelmed with all that needs doing. Kids are visiting and moving and coming and going and making decisions that will affect them for the next 30 years. It’s time to sit back and let life happen. The sun will shine later, the house will get cleaned and it will all be good.

I’m going to take a few minutes to walk outside. I’ll check the beans and pick some asparagus. I’ll do a strawberry hunt and pull a couple of weeds. I’m not really accomplishing much. But walking in the garden will turn the sighs into cleansing breaths. A walk will settle my mind and get me going. The beans will grow, the clothes will get folded. My son’s in-laws are stopping by. We’re going to my brother’s for a happy retirement dinner with my brother-in-law tonight. The sheep and woolcraft fair is happinging tomorrow (yes, we do have a lot of fairs and festivals). I’m making butter with my 4-H kids this afternoon. For now, I’ll walk and breath.