The older I get, the quicker time passes. It’s all good stuff. The Sheep and Woolcraft Fair, getting Nate Amanda moved in, a big Memorial Day Party with all my kids and grandkids and various friends here for a picnic, but a day goes by and then another and it’s a week, then a month. I fear that most of the projects I have lined up will never happen if I don’t get myself organized.

The sweet potatoes I ordered are in and I need to get the bed in the greenhouse ready for them. It’s been sitting under black plastic for a season and it should be good to go as soon as I get the bee frames currently stored there moved to their new home. Of course, that would involve having the home ready which I don’t. The chimney man needs a call if I’m going to get the necessary work done and I have to do the chimney before the new roof can go on. Can you say overwhelmed?

On a brighter note. I had the pleasure of showing several people around my tiny farmstead this weekend. I love seeing it with fresh eyes. We don’t have a big place but we do have a produtive one. The thing I’m most proud of is how much of what we do is cooperative and how much is perennial. I put a small bed of strawberries in 2 years ago. Last year, I moved the bed, enlarged it and gave away nealy 300 strawbeerry plants. This year, the new bed is flourishing and I expect a huge harvest. I’ll need to pass on more plants as they throw out runners at an astounding rate. We finished up the last of the berries I froze last summer so I bought a bag of frozed berries (for smoothies) and a container of fresh berries (for fruit salad) this week. They were terrible on both counts. The pigs didn’t mind but I couldn’t eat them. I know better. Eat what’s in season. Be patient. The berries are small today but the first picking is just around the corner.

Was it just last week that I complained about the unrelenting rain? Now the ground is thirsty and I’m doing a little rain dance, hoping those grey clouds will turn into something.

I bought myself a drop spindle at the fair. Like a lot of things, watching an expert makes it seem easy. It isn’t but I’m getting the hang of it. Sometimes I look at the ingenuity of something like a drop spindle and I’m just amazed. A stick and a hook and that wooly animal on the hill can provide warmth. We think that the electronic innovaters of today are geniuses but when you look at real value, I’ll take a spindle over a smart phone any day.