Lots. Under leaves and in the green house, in the garden and on the vines, the world is green with promise. I’m adding pictures of the peaches that I thought were history. They’re tiny and green but the promise of cobbler is heavy on the vine. My strawberries are still gree too. But there are thousands of them. Another ten days to harvest. My Oregon Sweet Meat is the squash you see. The weather has been perfect for them. Hot and wet and that seems to be the trend. The green house of full of sweet potatoes and it looks like a pretty fair raspberry year. Peas have a load of blossoms. It’s all such good stuff.

Tomorrow is a big day around here. Karen is graduating. It was 15 years ago that we adopted her. She’s beautiful and kind and the bravest kid I know. I’ll post more tomorrow but I wanted to get the photos up.