Bruce went down to check the bee hives this week and found that one hive was empty. It had no dead bees, no sign of disease or predators. The bees are just gone. It’s like they were raptured away. I have read a lot about and this is the typical scenario.

It’s really scary for a bee keeper. I’ve read a lot about how bees are the easiest livestock and how they require so little time and energy. Only a non-beekeeper would ever say anything like that. Bees are time and energy intensive. They require excellent hive management to be successful and even that doesn’t ensure success. Bears are a problem. The weather pattern matters, disease and pest management matter. Finding a hive you’ve nurtured for a year just gone is heartbreaking.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on projects I can use with my young homesteaders 4-H group. Once again I’m struck by the vast number of resources that are available on-line that would be lost in a grid failure or cyber attack. I’m making a list of some that I may have missed and downloading them now. Do any of you have any suggestions for things you can download. I want the directions for anything powered by the sun. I have them several dehydrators and ovens. What am I missing???