I am so sorry to have been so light in my posting. It’s just nuts around here. The weather has been perfect for haying. It also perfect for weeds so I’ve been putting in a couple of hours a day on mulching and weeding. Strawberries are coming in my the gallon. There are very few things better than strawberries shortcake with whipped cream. The New York cherries were ready too. I took a road trip with a truck full of friends and brought back about 40 pounds. That translated into 21 quarts of canned cherries plus several pounds for gifting and fresh eating. It felt good to get the canner out again.

We have just started to eat a bit more out of the garden this week. Tonight I made a grilled garlic scape and asparagus dish with olive oil and sea salt. It would have been better had I remembered it sooner. It was a bit crispy.

The back field looks like a real farm. Trees and berry bushes are surrounded by chicken and sheep, pigs and bee hives. The whole neighborhood of children is having a blast in the field. It’s finally hayed and that has just expanded the game opportunities. It’s so much fun to see what kids come up with. There where about 8 of them last night, hopped up on Tom’s S’mores who found a low branch that made a dandy horse.

Feeding 8 has brought the need for a revitalization of my frugal living efforts. I’ve been looking at food in categories. For instance. Today I made pulled pork as we were having all of the kids and a load of friends and neighbors over for a picnic. I needed Kaiser rolls so I mixed up a batch before anybody else got up. It took maybe 15 minutes of hands-on time to make 16 delicious sandwich rolls. Now we eat a lot of bread around here. At $5.00 a loaf for descent bread, that adds up fast. I have no idea how much it cost to make the rolls but I know it wasn’t $5.00. The return for energy investment is too high not to make the effort to do this on a regular basis. Adding a bit of lemon balm to a pitcher of water makes it seem special without spending any money or adding any calories. Win-win. The same with yogurt. it takes a few minutes to put a quart together but it cost dearly to buy a quart of the good stuff.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of spending money rather than investing some time but it’s a slippery slope and one I have fallen into far too often as so many chores are needing my attention. I have committed to doing one thing each day to keep my food bill in line. That’s seven things a week. Totally doable. Tomorrow it’s pizza. My son is driving right by the pizza place but 2 pizzas will cost me $20.00. I have the mozzarella in the refrigerator and the sauce in the basement. I can whip up a crust in the Kitchen-Aid in a few minutes. I have mushrooms and spinach. The savings are considerable and the work easy. Lazy is way too expensive for me to indulge.