It’s going to be another hot one. When it gets up in the 90’s, we shut the house up early in the morning and keep the kids inside. Goodness knows, I have plenty to keep me busy.

Today, the plan is make a tincture for the treatment of headaches. The recipe calls for 2/3 cups a cup of lemon balm and 1/3 cup of feverfew. This goes in a quart mason jar. The jar is then filled with vodka and left on a sunny windowsill for 6 weeks. It is then strained and kept in a dark bottle. You can take a couple of teaspoons every 1/2 hour until the headache goes away. I’m also going to can up some strawberry/lemon concentrate. The recipe calls for 6 cups of hulled strawberries, 4 cups of lemon juice and 6 cups of sugar. It’s all boiled together then water bathed canned. It makes 6 pints of a concentrate that is mixed with water or seltzer. If it goes well I’ll post pictures and the full directions later.

I found both these recipes on-line. Canning Homemade is a wonderful site as is the Foodie With Family site. Frugal Sustainability is also very good. On a day like this, when the garden has to wait until evening, I like to make good use of inside time to start canning and preserving. It will be my reward for cleaning my cluttered refrigerator.

One final thing. I dropped off some strawberries to an elderly neighbor yesterday. We visited for a bit and she told me about her memories of the Great Depression. She told me lots of things I didn’t know about life in my small New England village in the 20’s and 30’s. It was really interesting. There were traveling meat sellers and peddlers of all sorts. I remember the Fuller Brush man. I believe we bought clothes from him. I also remember a man who brought things like soap. Perhaps it was the same man. We lived quite far from town some of the time and my mother didn’t drive so traveling salesmen were the way we shopped. That and the Montgomery Ward catalog. My children would be astonished by the way we lived. I think they think of the history of 50 years ago as ancient. It seems like yesterday to me.