Getting in the raspberries and all other farm-related activities has to happen before 8:00AM or it doesn’t happen at all. The heat saps my energy and robs me of all ambition. There are other rewards to early rising. The people world has not yet awoken and I can hear the small sounds of nature without the distraction of engines and voices. There is a quality to the air, a softness that is only present in those transition moments between dawn and day and dusk and darkness. I can hear soft clucks that signal eggs and the screech of a screen door that lets me know I’ve been joined by a neighbor. We can’t see each other and that’s just as well. I don’t want to talk. I’m happy just being.

My experiment with multiplying (potato) onions was a resounding success. The picture does not do just to just how prolific the harvest was from one small bag. There were not as many small ones as I expected so I’ll have to keep out some larger if I want enough to plant this fall. The shallots did well too and I even found a clove of garlic I had missed. It threw off a 1/2 dozen full cloves of lovely heads. Just in time too as my harvest from last year is gone and this year’s is not quite ready to pull. As soon as the potato onions have cured I’ll pull the rest of the onions and set them out for the same treatment. The greenhouse is perfect for this and I don’t have to worry about rain. Not that rain has been a concern for curing anyway but a girl can hope.

I have to show off my cabbage. I wish I knew what made some years so good and others so poor for a given crop. This year my brassicas all look like blue-ribbon winners at the state fair. I put up a picture of my grapes too. They are still a miracle to me.

I’m throwing out a question for you all. My carrots are ready to pull. They are simply lovely with a rich sweet flavor. This may be the best crop ever and I’m planning to plant a fall keeping crop this week. But what to do with my carrots? I can can some but we don’t love canned carrots. I’ll pickle a couple of batches too and some will go in kimchi. I do dry a load and I’ll make some carrot cake but I’m running out of carrot recipes. Any ideas for something fabulous??? I suppose I’ll end up making bread and freezing that but it feels like I’m missing something.