I’ll bet I’m not the only one who feels the crisp autumn air and gets all energized to begin outdoor projects and clean out the basement. The summer heat just drags the juice right out of me but I feel 25 today. All right. So I don’t feel 25 but I feel a lot more frisky than I have for a while.

This weekend saw my first foraging trip in way too long. I came home from a woods walk with a basket of Black Trumpets and Golden Chanterelles. They were amazing sauteed in butter, wine and cream. It was clear though that the mushroom harvest was very low. The combination of heat and drought has seriously affected it. Even with the recent rain the woods were very dry.

I spent a good deal of yesterday cleaning up the strawberry patch. It is still not finished but age dictates getting this particular job done in stages. My goal for the next week is to finish the strawberries and get to that basement. I have a lot of food that I bought for one reason or another and found out that it’s just not anything we really like. I have too much creamed corn and canned peas plus some other odd vegetables that will feed the pigs. I think I bought it a good 5 years ago, before we were growing so much and before we were well-educated on the industrial food system. It’s time to let it go and free up the space for the things I really need like canning jars and, well, more canning jars. I just scored an opportunity to help with the butchering of about 80 chickens in exchange for the meat. I need the jars and the room for sure.

If any of you are in the area, Bruce and I will be at the Farmer’s Market in West Stockbridge on Thursday. I’m making up candles right now as I sold out at the Franklin County Fair.

Have any of you caught Revolution on Monday night television. It’s a post-apocalyptic show so of course it was a must-see for me. I can be pretty critical. As a person who makes candles a lot, the idea of burning a couple of dozen each evening is jut plain silly. And that beautiful, flowing hair looks good but it would take a hairdresser with lots of styling products for most of us to get those results. Still, I won’t miss it tonight. Maybe they’ll show something useful or at least no ridiculous.