So yesterday I posted a a piece about canning up dried beans and a reader correctly pointed out that USDA and UGeorgia both say that dried beans must be precooked to ensure safe canning as you can’t be sure the dried beans will reach a high enough temperature otherwise. I guess this makes sense and it isn’t that hard to pre cook dried beans so I will stand corrected and move on. I ran into a similar problem with canned chocolate sauce. I found directions for making it and when I went to pull them off the computer the directions had been removed. I did find two other sites with recipes. It turns out that, since chocolate is low acid you need to pressure can it. I have no idea what will happen to chocolate sauce that’s pressure cooked. I can see it tasting burned. I planned to give it a try but then it occurred to me that I was making my life harder for no pay off. I can stock up on all the cocoa and sugar I like I want and make the sauce fresh every few months as it holds fine in the refrigerator. I have plenty to do without making work for myself.

There are directions all over the internet for canned butter and cheese and neither of these low acid foods should be water bathed canned. One of the things I appreciate about doing this blog is that I know I’ll be challenged if I make an error and we all benefit from that. I do wish that the go-to canning books like Ball and So Easy To Preserve would add a page about canning myths in their next editions. It would save a lot of time and searching on-line. Tonight I’m making beans and brats and calling it a day. Next week I’ll can more beans but I’ll cook them first.