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30 Responses to “About”

  1. “In modern economic depressions, it’s likely that economic failure will have a high rate of onset. If so, the result would be widespread and relatively unmitigated economic dislocation (as we have seen, a tightly coupled system can fail both quickly and broadly, faster than governments can respond). Further, this type of failure will naturally result in a delegitimization of government institutions and the revival of primary loyalties — as in, people will naturally focus their loyalties on family, friends, community, etc that support them during tough times. This is the opportunity space for organizers of resilient communities.”

    From Global Guerrillas

    I read your post on Survival Blog and completely agree with you. The “Lone Wolf” mentality will not work.

  2. Real food for real people who are real ready to take back our country from the wing nuts who support Monsanto. When Pres. Eisenhower said be aware of the Industrial Military Corporate complex little did he know that the very seeds of life would be in danger. Though I am involved in taking your brain/mind to the gym as a primary focus, taking care of the rest of our bodies figures into self care. We are what we eat. Thank you for coming to my blog! smile, ilsa

  3. Chelsea Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    We have started an internet company called “Hometown Seeds” that sells survival seeds. We enjoy your blog and the information you have in it.
    The reason I am writing you this email is to see if you could possibly add a link that says “survival seeds” to our website “” We are hoping for more traffic to our web page and this would help tremendously. We would love to send you a FREE emergency survival seeds package that is worth $34.99 +shipping. You can check this out at


  4. Jamie Says:

    Dear Kathy,
    Is this the same Kathy who wrote One Small Boat? If so can you please contact me. I just finished the book and need to talk to you. I am pealing myself off the floor it was so powerful to me. I am a CASA in Arizona and would really love to get in touch with you.

  5. Yannette Says:


    I have read both of your books about being a foster care mother in the last two weeks. My husband and I are taking the necessary courses to become foster parents. Thank you so much for providing this insight and for sharing your experiences. I pray the Lord blesses you and your family.

    Thanks again,
    Yannette in AZ

  6. Kimberly Says:

    Hi Kathy-

    I just finished reading Another Place at the Table. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your honesty. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to admit your failures at times, but wow, did it help me as a first time foster mom. I am a single mom in my first placement in OH and what I have thus taken out of this the most is that legislature has to change. It just has to. There are countless other wanna-be-adoptive parents like myself out there who just want to provide a good and loving home and the current “the child is better off with kin regardless of how far removed they are” mentality is adding to the foster care crisis.

    There are many days, or have been, in the last 10.5 months of my life when I have asked myself why I did this, why did I get involved. I could have forked over the 10-15K to do an international adoption and been done with it. And been a parent. But, reading your book reminds me of why I got into this arena. My “daughters” are amazing. When I first got them, it first seemed it would be 2-3 weeks, then 2-3 months, and here I am looking at the very real possibility that we’ll be looking at TPR. My worker is not confident that I will get to keep them still. The little one’s out-of-work father is trying to get her. But, I feel in my heart that their lives will forever be improved from their time with me.

    I do not know if I will do another placement after this, but then I ask myself, the same as you, how could I not?

    Thank you again for sharing your story. There should be more press about foster parents like you (me?) instead of the constant media exposure to the bad foster homes.


  7. Linda Wallner Says:


    When and where will you be appearing next? I live north of Indianapolis, Indiana. Is this info some where on your website, but I am just missing it?


  8. daveandpaula0923 Says:

    I have been reading your archives and have so many questions! The one that weighs most heavily on my mind is where do you find all these classes you take in such a small town? I can find nothing around here! Our county extension office has no classes on anything, so my plans of being a certified master canner and opening my summer kitchen to teach the high school kids (who no longer have home ec thanks to budget cuts) how to cook for themselves and preserve food. I want to learn to save seeds and graft heirloom apple trees and correctly care for my grapes, etc., but the best I can do is read a book and watch youtube videos! Any ideas of how to get this started in our community? I live just south of Indianapolis and north of Columbus.

  9. Stephanie Says:


    My husband and I are currently reading “Another Place at the Table”. I just wanted to say thank you– thank you for such an incredible portrait of the realities of foster parenting. My husband and I are soaking up as much knowledge as we possibly can before we too will have a knock at the door. Your insight is priceless.

  10. Bianca ChCh Says:

    Hi Kathy
    I live in Christchurch Newzealand, and as Im sure you are aware we have had some pretty serious earthquakes recently..
    I just wanted to express how grateful I am for reading your book..
    My family and I are safe and well..
    We are sleeping on my mothers living room floor, as we had to leave our home due to alot of damage.
    I feel so lucky that we are all together and safe.. and had planned ahead just in case.
    Your book has taught us some very very important keys to being prepared, and coming out ontop of even a very dire situation.
    Thank you so much for writing such an excellent book!! I am so glad I read it when I did and was able to prepare for my family and their needs ahead of a disaster.

    Thanks so much

  11. Judy Says:


    I have followed your blog recently. I appreciatve the thoughts you have shared. Recently I had another reason to keep prepared – hospitalization. Here is my blog where I am posting things like that. On Sustainability and Preparation –

  12. madison Says:

    Hey Kathy!

    childrenaremylife at 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your toe and congratulations on the new grandbaby!!!


  13. Hi,

    My name is Josiah Fordahl. I am starting a survival/self sufficiency/ sustainable homesteading blog called which launches June 1st.

    The site will offer in-depth information on self sufficiency to prepare our readers for the societal collapse that many believe may happen in our generation.
    (The national debt crisis, global natural resources war, hyper inflation, the end of oil, industrial civilization collapse, global climate change etc)

    I also wish to just spread the gospel of simplicity. Self-Sufficient living, growing what you eat, environmental connectedness, conservation, and the ability to survive without help from the government or any top down economic system. I am passionate about this and look forward to read your blog regularly and hope you do the same to mine as well.

    I noticed that your site had a similar topic and I have added your site to my blog-roll, I humbly ask that you would reciprocate and add me to your blog-roll. I am passionate about this and look forward to read your blog regularly and hope you do the same to mine as well.

    Also, If you have any advice for a newbie blogger, I would love to gain any wisdom you might offer.

    Thank you kindly for your generosity,

    -Josiah Samuel Fordahl

  14. Kristi J Says:

    I just went to read your latest post and all I find are blank pages. What’s up?

  15. June 1st we launch!

  16. Traci Cottingham Says:

    I am wondering if you do workshops/ plenarys etc on your experience as a Foster Parent. I have read your books and wondered if you ever travel to Canada? We would LOVE to have you attend a Foster Parent Conference.

  17. Hi Kathy,

    I’m a cataloger with the Chester County Library in Exton, Pa. I cataloged a copy of Just in case, about a year or so ago. (And I read it, which is how I made the possible connection to your other books. I loved it, BTW!).

    My question: are you also the author of One small boat and A place at the table? I’d like to know, in order to make your author entries correct in our catalog. Also, would you prefer to retain your birth year date, as was used with Just in case (we have your name in the catalog with the date, and also without). I remember you mentioning your foster kids in Just in case, and also Bruce–so it rung a bell when I encountered your name today in our catalog. If you’d prefer to email me privately, please feel free to do so. I really appreciate your time. Thanks!

    Barbara H. Oberst
    Chester County Library

  18. Lynda Says:

    I just received your book yesterday and after poring through the whole thing am grateful I ordered it. Great information and recipes that I can use with my food storage. After researching the many preparedness sites and buying numerous books yours is one of the best.

  19. Stephanie Says:

    Hello Kathy,

    I have just read your book “Another Place at the Table.” I was enthralled and finished the book in 3 hours. I have to say that in a sense it was a calling for me to revisit my dream of becoming a social worker to work with children who were raised in chaos.

    Any child who has come through your family’s doors have truly been granted a sense of peace in a storm of pain and uncertainty. I am absolutely at peace to know that there are “foster” parents out there with as much love and patience as you and your wonderful family.


  20. PreppersTV Says:

    Hey Kathy,

    My name is Brian and I work for a television production company based in NYC. I am currently casting for a new series airing for a National Cable Network and I was hoping I would be able to talk to you about participating.

    I am looking for “Preppers.” People who make a conscious effort to prepare for anything and everything the world might throw their way. How are they preparing themselves, and for what?

    Our pilot aired a few weeks ago and did very well so we are now currently casting for this season. At your earliest convenience, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about the show and discuss our Casting Call Sheet and what we are hoping to accomplish. I was also hoping you might be able to provide some insight, leads or any information you feel would be helpful to me.

    You can email me back at


  21. chris Says:

    Hello Kathy,

    I had planned to attend your workshop/session last weekend, but was out of commission the majority of that day with a migraine. I was very excited (still am) about this particular topic, and did pay full price for the full weekend’s admission, so am trying with this email to recoup some of what I missed. If you have a powerpoint presentation that you used, video taping of it or other handouts/materials/links that are either posted on your website or could be emailed to me, I would appreciate anything you could send my way!

    Thank you,

  22. Mark Says:

    Regarding memory foam, all memory foam retains heat, even without copper wires. I have a four-pound three-inch pad from overstock, which warms up pretty quickly. You might want to go with five pound, though, if you can afford it. Nonpurist that I am, I use soft synthetic sheets, thicker than flannel. And a heavy comforter for Tennessee nights.

  23. Riccardo Says:

    Hallo Kathy,
    I’m Italian and I have read your book “Another Place at the Table” in the Italian edition “Un altro posto a tavola”. The book is beautiful, I’ve read it very quickly and your family is wonderful. Sorry for my English.

  24. msparacio Says:

    Hi. A friend of mine who was involved in the cleanup after the Three Mile Island disaster put this infographic together with clear steps families can take to protect themselves. I thought it would it would be of interest to you and your readers:

  25. Janice Boyd Says:

    I have read your book “Another place at the table” twice. The first time while I was training for Foster Care and after being a foster parent for 2 years. It has helped me so much. The system is “broken” and I’m worried that it will become worse as more and more children come into care.
    I have 5 foster children and they have been with me for 10 1/2 months. I am very concerned with their future. All I can do now is pray for them.
    Thanks for the honesty in your book.

  26. Just wanted to pass this information along to you for your subscribers…

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  27. Ben Patterson Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Just wanted to pass this along to your subscribers.

    New prepper magazine called “Happy To Survive.” It is found on the Apple Newsstand and it is available on the iPad.

    The magazine is at:

    Ben Patterson

  28. Kathy: I am working with a ministry called Chosen for Life in Georgia. I loved Another Place at the Table and wondered if it would be possible to get a bulk discount on a box of books to give away at our conference coming up in October. Thanks for all you do and for your encouragement. Not looking for a freebie, just a little % off. Thanks!

    Juli Wisotsky (adoption lawyer and advocate)

  29. Melissa HUnt Says:

    My friend and I have a blog to share stories about Foster Care and Adoption, we would love to have your story shared on our blog. Would you mind sharing some of your story on it? You can also share some pictures if you would like to. We have both adopted through foster care and are hoping by sharing peoples stories we can help to inspire others to look into Fostering and Adopting children in need. We would also love to give your signed books away in a contest. I loved both of them. I have been a foster mother for 11 years. It was nice to read your experiences. We are trying to get stories out on the web to either entice people to get involved in foster care along with providing support and stories for those all ready involved. Thank you so much. You can contact us at Much thanks, Melissa

  30. Dear Kathy,

    My name is Christina Kasagiannis and I work as a researcher for a Swedish television production company called Jarowskij, which is a part of the Zodiac Media group. We are now producing the first season of a television program called “Erik & Mackan” where we will cover different subjects such as religion, well known experiments and different mysteries. One subject we want to cover is “Doomsday”. We are going to portray and discuss difference ways why this might occur; Is it due to global warming? Nuclear explosions? Hyper-inflation? World wide pandemic? Etc.

    I saw that you participated in a documentary about prepping on National Geographic and I found your story to be very interesting and educational. We have realized that Doomsday ( in Black swan events) is not discussed enough in Swedish media, almost not discussed at all and therefore we have decided to visit America in December to do several segments covering these different subjects.

    The reason why I am contacting you is because we are very interested in having you on our show. Would it be possible to visit your home and do a similar segment, that National Geographic did but not as long? Also that you get interviewed by our reporter and let our Swedish viewers know more about Doomsday (black swan events) and why you feel the need to prepare for this day.

    If you are interested in participating and would like to know more about the project, please contact me so I can give you all the information you need. Hopefully you want to meet us.

    0046 8 50 30 78 18

    Christina Kasagiannis

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