My seed order is good to go. The beds are planned, the minerals ordered. The trees are waiting to come to their new home. All I need now is spring.

It’s wet today. Wet as in the basement has standing water in it and the river is over its banks. It is going to ger cold again which means we will be encased in ice by the end of the week. Yuk!!! So now is the time for dreaming and anticipation. It’s also time for evaluation. What do I want more of? What will last until the next harvest?

The root cellar was such a success that I know I need to add more food that will keep there. Sweet potatoes are a sure bet as are more keeping apples. I added a couple of pears that are supposed to keep well too. My squash, the few that made it past the woodchucks have held up well in the spare bedroom. Garlic, potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips held really well. The leeks were a wash out and the cabbage as well. Next year, more beans will be dilled and baby carrots too. I ran out of peas this week. It is a tragedy for Phoebe who will even eat them for breakfast. The greenhouse needs more Asian greens, spinach and kale.

The thing I am happiest about is how much we are eating that comes form here. Next year, there will be eggs and strawberries and more Jerusalem artichokes.

What I did to prep today. I went to Staples and bought a big box of pens, a couple of reams of paper and some small office supplies. Rubber bands, paper clips, all the little things it is really inconvenient to run out of. Best was a storage box for holding medical supplies. I saw one at a friends over the weekend and it was so neat, I just had to have it. How are your medical supplies? I don’t plan to do brain surgery but I do like to be able to take care of minor injuries without scrambling to find what I need.


2 Responses to “how does your garden grow?”

  1. Linda Wallner Says:

    When and where will you be appearing next? I live north of Indianapolis, Indiana. Is this info some where on your website, but I am just missing it?


  2. GD Says:

    In your garden do you grow in single row or in a different way? What way of growing do you recommend?

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