We have a lovely day planned. We are going out to breakfast with some of Bruce’s family. Karen is waiting tables for the first time and we want to give her some moral support. Then we are heading off to church. My son is singing a solo and we can’t wait to hear him. He sings a lot locally but we don’t often get to go. Then Nate, his wife and little boy, another son and his two kids are all coming by for lunch. I want to talk to them about a couple of preparedness things.

One thing we will discuss is who gets what kid from where in a crisis. We babysit for my grandson 2 days a week while my daughter goes to school next door to the place my son works. In a disaster, I want to make sure that my daughter gets picked up and that the kids come here first and worry about feeling silly later.

Families need to have plans for this kind of thing. Most of us don’t want to spoil a beautiful day with talk about emergencies but if not now, when?